TDSB Ward 13 - Don Valley North

Don Valley North is an electoral district located in the north east part of the North York, in the City of Toronto. It boarders Steeles Ave to the north, Highway 401 to the south, Bayview Ave to the west, and Victoria Park Ave to the east.

TDSB Schools in Don Valley North

There are 28 schools in Don Valley North, 25 of which are elementary schools and 3 are secondary schools.

All schools are marked on the ward map.

Orange Mark: Elementary School
Red Mark: Middle School
Blue Mark: High School

In the below links you will find all schools located in our ward listed in alphabetical order and their respective contact information.

Elementary & Middle Schools in Don Valley North

Secondary Schools in Don Valley North

Key Area & Demographics Information in Don Valley North (based on 2016 Census Data)

Key Information

Land Area: 24.35 sq. km
Population: 110,076
Population Density: 4,520 / sq. km
Total Private Dwellings: 44,193
Average Household Size: 2.6


0 – 19 Years Old: 18.6%
20 – 44 Years Old: 36.3%
45 – 64 Years Old: 26.1%
65 + Years Old: 19%

Language Mother Tongue:

English: 31.4%
French: 1.0%
Chinese: 26.7%
Persian (Farsi): 6.9%
Korean: 3.5%
Tagalog (Pilipino, Filipino): 2.6%
Arabic: 2.3%
Spanish: 1.8%
Russian: 1.6%
Others: 22.2%

Household Income:

< $10K: 6.2%
$10K – $39K: 23.7%
$40K – $69K: 22.2%
$70K – $99K: 17.5%
$100K – $149K: 16.3%
> $150K : 14.1% 

Other Elected Representatives in Don Valley North

MPP Vincent Ke

MP Geng Tan

Catholic School Board Trustee Angela Kennedy