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James Li

Personal Page of TDSB Trustee Don Valley North (Ward 13)

Welcome and thank you for visiting my personal website.

It is my pleasure to be the elected public school board TDSB Trustee for Ward 13 – Don Valley North. My role is to advocate for you and your child, and to represent the needs of all students and parents/guardians across the Toronto District School Board.

On this site you will find important information about our ward, its latest news, and upcoming community events. I encourage you to be involved in anyway you can when it comes to your child’s education by attending school councils, ward forums, and actively reaching out to me on your thoughts. 

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James Li, TDSB Trustee Don Valley North (Ward 13)

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Mandatory Vaccination Procedures for Staff

The Toronto District School Board has released a COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccine Procedure for implementation. 

Through this procedure, the TDSB is taking action to protect the health and safety of employees, students, families and community members and is in line with Ministry of Education direction, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health’s instructions, and a resolution by the Board of Trustees. The TDSB also conducted consultations with several stakeholders.

By November 1, 2021, employees, Trustees, and other individuals who have direct contact with staff or students at a TDSB workplace, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (subject to approved requests for exemptions under the Human Rights Code). Until then, those who are not vaccinated or have not disclosed their vaccination status must continue to undergo rapid antigen testing at home and provide proof of a negative result, twice per week. In addition, those who do not have a medical/disability exemption will be required to undertake an education session on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.

As required by the Ministry of Education, the TDSB is collecting the COVID-19 vaccination disclosure information of its more than 40,000 staff members. To date, approximately 94% of the staff who have responded (approximately 83%) have indicated that they are vaccinated.

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Latest in the TDSB...

The Director’s Annual Report for the Toronto District School Board was released on May 19, 2020. The report is a ministerial requirement that highlights some of the important work that is happening across the system and accomplishments from the past year.
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