TDSB Approves Historic School Repair Plan

Friday February 02, 2024

The TDSB has launched a historic Capital Revitalization Strategy which aims to have no school buildings classified as “requiring extensive improvement” by 2035. Trustees approved the ambitious 10-year strategy during this week’s Regular Board Meeting.

The strategy aims to address the significant challenges posed by aging school buildings through the modernization of spaces that are safe, accessible and welcoming. This includes providing consistent program spaces for all schools, making TDSB buildings barrier-free, and modernizing components for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Schools will be categorized based on the extent of improvements needed, enabling a targeted and efficient approach. Work on the strategy has already begun through identification, cost estimation, budgeting, and prioritization of projects and this phase is expected to be complete by December 2024. The first year of projects is scheduled to begin in January 2025 with projects ranging in scale from light retrofit to deep retrofit to replacement or new construction.

Quick Facts

  • The average age of TDSB school buildings is over 60 years.
  • TDSB’s backlog of major maintenance currently exceeds $4.2 billion.
  • TDSB spends approximately $310 million annually to replace building components.

“The Capital Revitalization Strategy is not just a plan; it’s a commitment to improving our schools right across Toronto. We want to ensure our current and future students walk into school each day feeling safe and welcome and in environments that foster creativity and learning.”

– Rachel Chernos Lin, Chair, TDSB

“We are excited to share a concrete plan to improve buildings and modernize learning spaces such as classrooms, libraries, and science and technology labs. These improvements will be designed to improve programming and create healthier and more accessible environments.”

– Colleen Russell-Rawlins, Director of Education, TDSB